Grayor focuses on providing services and offering products to companies in the Oil and Gas Industry and the Construction Industry.

As a wholesaler of industrial machinery and equipment, as well as construction equipment and materials, the Company offers a diverse range of high-quality products, such as rotary equipment, submersible well pumps, reciprocating duplexes, centrifuges, pipes, valves, mechanical seals, packings, multiple types of bits for good drilling and drilling equipment, as well as general materials. In addition, Grayor offers customers free installation and maintenance services for purchased items.

As the Company is committed to supporting the growth of the oil, gas and construction industries, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including project management, contract administration, and accounting and auditing services. Grayor tailors its services based on the specific needs of clients, developing a practical and effective approach to help each client meet their objectives with minimal time and costs.

Our Mission

To be recognized for excellence in providing effective solutions in the provision of quality products and services for our clients, being responsible with the environment and other interested parties.

Our Mission

Satisfy with excellence the requirements of our clients, offering solutions in procurement, installation, and maintenance; as well as the procurement of equipment, spare parts, accessories, and materials for the industry, relying on the use of an avant-garde infrastructure and counting on competent and committed personnel, executing safe and healthy tasks, being responsible with the environment.

Our values


At all times we must maintain COMMITMENT to our work and to our TEAM.


We must always PREVENT everything that could negatively affect us.


We must maintain INTEGRITY in everything we do.


Our priority is to maintain CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Quality, Enviroment, Safety, and Occupational Health Policy.


Grayor, Corp. is an organization committed to customer satisfaction, dedicated to Procurement, Installation, Maintenance, which assumes its responsibility with the continuous improvement of its processes, complying with the legal requirements, the client, and other interested parties.


Grayor, Corp. guarantees the availability of resources necessary to provide quality products and services, counting on competent and involved staff through participation and consultation.


Grayor, Corp. protects the environment and maintains safe and healthy conditions for the prevention of pollution, injuries, and diseases, eliminating dangers and reducing risks and associated environmental aspects.

Our Objectives

Satisfy with excellence our customer’s needs

Provide welfare for all our team

Generate high returns for our shareholders

Operate safely and sustainably

Organization chart