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Grayor is a Texas-based company that operates as a wholesaler and services provider in multiple industries including the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling Industry, Construction and Mining Equipment Wholesaling Industry, and Construction Project Management Services Industry.

The Company focuses on providing services and offering products to companies in the Oil and Gas Industry and the Construction Industry.

Specialized in the following services

Wholesaler of industrial machinery and equipament

Sale of high-quality products, such as rotary equipment, submersible well pumps, reciprocating duplexes, centrifuges, pipes and more

Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance service to machinery as well as to our distributed equipment

Wholesale of construction materials and equipment

Sale of consumables, gloves, tools, construction materials and heavy and protective equipment

Project Management & Contract Administration

We offer a full portfolio of services including project management, contract administration, and accounting and auditing services.

Areas of Impact

Oil and Gas Industry

Wholesaler of Industrial Machinery and Equipment
As a wholesaler of industrial machinery and equipment as well as construction equipment and materials, the Company offers a diverse range of high-quality products


Industrial Services
We not only carry out the installation of the equipment we sell, but we also take care of maintenance work to maintain and protect the useful life of our products.

Construction & Enginnering

Wholesaler of Construction and Mining Equipment
Acquire with us the work equipment for the work. We sell heavy equipment, consumables, construction materials, pipes, and other necessary resources

Audit & Administration

Financial services

Perform with us cost audits, payroll, project management among others. Our accounting analysis will help you reduce your expenses and increase your profits.

Project Management

Project Management Services Industry.
Manage each project with us reliably, transparently and securely using proven project management methodologies. Grayor prepares realistic schedules for clients’ projects.
We provide cost estimation, economic evaluation, budget and expense forecasting, management, planning and control services. Grayor’s cost engineering services cover investment costs as well as expenses associated with the entire construction stage.

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We are a leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for all of our customers

We take care of guaranteeing the availability of the necessary resources to provide quality products and services, counting on personal competence and involved through participation and consultation.

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